Volunteer Opportunities

We love our volunteers!  They are super appreciated and this makes for an affordable way to come enjoy the horses and ride as often as you'd like!  Barter work for ride time!  


Volunteers need to be ages 16 and older.  


Duties include cleaning 8-10 stalls, preparing and feeding horses PM feed, watering, preparing and setting out the AM feed and sweeping the aisles.  


Pick one day a week (the same day each week) to come and do the chores and in exchange for one day a week of about 4 hours give or take, you can ride as often as you'd like!  Must have horse experience.  


We also have opportunities for volunteering for cleaning tack, keeping up on the cobwebs, dragging arenas and paddocks.  


Please contact Lynne at 971-404-5968 for questions/available positions.