Facility Rules:

We welcome you to Amethyst Performance Horses!  


The owners of the stables would like for you to know a few of the facility rules before coming for your lesson or event.  We are a very friendly barn but have to have some rules to ensure safety while having fun!


1.  Please enter the gravel road and property driving no more than 5 MPH.  Once you pull in stay to the left and do not go past the sign on the right that says "Private Residence - No Parking Or Entry Beyond This Point" when parking.  Do not park beyond the horse trailers! No exceptions to this!  You may park in open spaces across from tje white tent, you may park in front of the horse trailers (please pull forward up as close as possible to trailers to allow traffic to come and go behind your vehicle, and you may also park in front of the white tent.   


2.  Once you are parked please come directly inside the barn.  There is no walking around the property by owner's house or driveway.  Must stay inside barn or inside vehicle.  If you have other children or friends watching, they must stay inside barn or inside vehicle.  


3.  No dogs allowed outside the vehicle.  This includes letting dogs outside of your vehicle to go to the bathroom or carrying small dogs inside.  There is no exception to this rule!


4.  No smoking, drinking or drugs on the property.  If you must smoke, do it in your car.


5.  We have a policy of only 1 car per student, boarder or leaser.  Parking is very limited so please ride together if you have family or friends coming to watch.  Birthday parties may have two vehicles.  


6.  If you arrive early before the instructor arrives, please wait in your vehicle or inside the barn.  Please don't wander around the property or disturb the people in the house.   


7.  We have a no refund policy.


8.  If you are 5 minutues or over late to your lesson, that lesson will be cancelled and forfeited.  This policy is because the instructor often has several students in a group lesson and it's not fair to the student that was on time when the instructor has to leave the lesson to help a late student.  


9.  All people on the property must sign both release forms.  To save time, you may print out and sign the release forms and bring to your first visit.  


10.  All lesson students under the age of 18 must have a parent present at all times.  We don't allow drop offs for lessons.  This is a safety rule in case of any injury.  


Thanks for your understanding and have a great time!!!